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Spiritual Life Coaching
Awakening LightWorkers

One-on-One Coaching with Luna

5 Month Coaching Program (12 Sessions)


By the end of this program you will...

✧ Remember & believe in your own divinity.

✧ Meet your spirit guides & understand your cosmic blueprint.

✧ Have clarity on who you are & what your purpose truly is.

✧ Replace negative self-talk with positive mindsets & empowered beliefs.

✧ Identify & connect with your tribe.

✧ Establish healthy boundaries & redefine responsibilities.

✧ Shift into an abundance mindset including financial freedom.

✧ Restore your faith in magic & learn the art of manifesting miracles.

✧ Develop a self-care practice that is perfect for you.

✧ Make measurable progress toward your specific goals.

✧ Align the body & soul in all aspects ~ physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual.

✧ Build self reliability ~ great freedom comes from discipline.

✧ Feel confident moving forward on your soul path.

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This program includes...

✧ 12 sessions ~ each is a ninety minute video session on Zoom.

~ Months 1-2 include three sessions per month.

~ Months 3-5 include two sessions per month

✧ Worksheets & personalized assignments between sessions.

✧ A personalized energy healing plan to support your journey.

✧ Astrology & oracle guidance to help guide your journey.

✧ Support between sessions via email and/or text.

✧ A special gift for completing the program.

✧ Recordings for all 12 sessions.

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Is this program for you?

When you hear the words LightWorker, Starseed, or Healer ~ does it light you up inside?


Can you feel the strength of your soul inside, yet feel alone on the outside... as if no-one else can see the shining light within you? You KNOW that you are a beautiful soul & connected to others ~ to everyone & everything in the Universe.


Society's "normal" is flooded with toxic programming ~ imposing limiting self beliefs & perpetuating longstanding oppression. The status quo is a joke! You are here to uplift, awaken, & empower those around you. As a LightWorker, you are not here to find light in dark spaces ~ you are here to create light in dark spaces.


You have a BIG role to play here! 🌍🌟