Circle welcomes us into a shape where we can sit together in all our differences, see each other eye to eye, listen, and be heard.

Sacred Circles

Deepening the bonds within ourselves and community in Burlington, Vermont. 

A gathering for women to join in ritual & ceremony with the phases of the Moon ~ uplifting & empowering the divine feminine.
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A gathering for kin of all kind to empower one another with love & acceptance ~ finding balance between giving & receiving.
The Circle Way

When we sit along the straight edges of tables or back to back in desks, we struggle to communicate & understand one another. Many forms like these create separation & even hierarchy, while circle welcomes us back into a shape where we can sit together as equals. In circle, nobody is superior to anybody else & once you've taken your seat, you're there, participating in wholeness.

Circle provides a sacred container where all voices can speak & be heard; it is a social art form. In circle, there is nowhere to hide & every person's level of engagement or lack there of is noticeable. There is nowhere to secretly check your phone or whatever gadgets keeps you attached to the multitasking world. This intensified & intentional way of showing up creates deep experiences & meaningful connections.
Circle offers space to:
✧ Take a breath.
✧ Focus on the people you're actually with.
✧ Fully experience the present moment.

Upcoming Circles

New Moon Sacred Sisters Circle
Nov 06, 7:00 PM EDT
SoulShine Power Yoga - Downtown
The New Moon is a sacred time when the moon is dark at the end of one cycle & beginning of another. 🌚 In this circle we will set intentions for the New Moon Cycle ahead with the guidance of Kali ~ the Vedic Goddess of destruction, dissolution, & ecstasy (also known as the Dark One). 🖤