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Self Worth Revival with Luna Brooke

Are you exhausted of trying to prove your worth?

Join my Self Worth Revival

A transformative spiritual healing journey up the lower three Chakras

in the root

in the sacral

JOY in the solar plexus

This program is for you if:

✧ You are struggling to feel safe & secure.

✧ Your root foundation is insecure due to relational trauma or insecure childhood attachments.

✧ Your actions are based on other's expectations & perceptions of you rather than your own wellbeing.

✧ You are uncomfortable with having personal needs or making them a priority.

✧ You put everybody else ahead of yourself.

✧ You feel exhausted & weighed down.

✧ You are interested in the Chakras & Goddess spirituality.

For twelve years I have struggled with my place in the world & mental health. Even those who are close to me do not understand the truth of what my soul has to offer. Luna has provided a straightforward, compassionate, & inspiring approach to life & spirituality that has greatly improved my mindset in but a few short sessions. She is a beautiful soul that has nothing but the best to provide. <3

For me this program was life changing, not just me but also my family. As I grew, my family also picked up upon healing rituals that really put us on a healing path. Luna’s guidance, love and knowledge helped me in so many ways! She is a true healer!

After struggling profoundly with my identity on a psychological level my entire life, I have found footing and come to understand whom I am. This alone is life-changing. My perspective is more well-balanced between philosophical and practical than it has ever been. My spiritual connection keeps me afloat as I learn to stick up for myself and as I repair my relationships. I have set boundaries which have caused more safety in my domestic environment. I have learned to use my voice. I have gained the spiritual clout to change my life in the ways I need to. Thank you for changing my life, Luna.

How it works:

Strengthen your root Chakra with supportive energies, practices, & self-reliability.


When your foundation is more supported, look at the sources of insecurity in your root Chakra.


Feel your emotions to:

  • Release energy blocks

  • Identify desires

  • Experience pleasure

The ego is an energetic knot in the solar plexus Chakra manifesting as a false-self out of fear. Starve your ego by focusing your life force energy & mind toward the eager pursuit of your true-self's desires.


After transcending the ego, what's left is true self confidence ~ bringing you freedom & peace.






The Chakra Oracle.jpeg


Waiting List

This program includes:

✧ A 'go at your own pace' coaching program with lifetime access + 1:1 coaching support for the first nine weeks

✧ A grounded & structured path to creating a devotional spiritual practice that supports you

✧ Homework between sessions including worksheets, rituals, & embodiment practices

Energy healing plans including scents, crystals, frequencies, foods, affirmations, & practices

✧ An intimate container of spiritual women with opportunities for sharing, connecting, & uplifting one another

✧ Monthly invites to Alumni New Moon Circles beyond the program

What program alumni are saying:

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