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The Universe makes no mistakes. 𓄂♡𓆃 You are a perfect YOUniverse!

Trust in the benevolent unfolding of your life.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Elevate & Awaken to your higher self & lead an authentic life
with one-on-one coaching.

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What if you


✧ You are a God/dess by birthright.

✧ You have the power to manifest miracles.

✧ Everything that happened to you, actually happened FOR you.

✧ You are not "crazy"; you are YOUnique.

✧ You are being divinely guided & can trust your intuition.

✧ You are worthy to be seen & live the life you desire.


Honor the YOUniverse within to lead an authentic & fulfilling life.

Do you desire to align your inner & outer world? Do you desire intimate & uplifting relationships in which you are seen? Do you desire a purpose filled career? Working with a spiritual life coach is the ultimate permission slip to let your spirit shine from the inside out!

My coaching programs blend together astrology, chakra balancing, & positive psychology to help you build a foundation of self-love & reliability that allow for a life of great freedom on your soul path.


As your coach, I will help you to remember your soul's purpose & eagerly claim your joy in this life. I will help you to identify limiting beliefs & replace them with new, empowered beliefs. Most importantly, I will help you to notice the divine in daily life to transform ordinary reality into something truly extraordinary.

Your perception is your reality.

Luna, your program was life-changing. Your astrological insights & guidance brought to the surface hidden truths for me. After struggling profoundly with my identity on a psychological level my entire life, I have found footing & come to understand whom I am. This alone is life-changing.

My perspective is more well-balanced between philosophical & practical than it has ever been. My spiritual connection keeps me afloat as I learn to stick up for myself & as I repair my relationships. Through your program, Luna, I have gained the spiritual confidence to set boundaries & as a result, I have repaired my relationship with my father completely after not speaking for over a year.

I have removed myself from a toxic workplace & found a healthy one. I have set boundaries which have caused more safety in my domestic environment. I have learned to use my voice. I have gained the spiritual clout to change my life in the ways I need to.

Thank you for changing my life, Luna.

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Coaching Programs:

Each session will help you successfully receive spiritual guidance from your higher self & experience self-growth through the program & beyond!

Let's Chat.

Choosing to invest your time, energy, & money into your own personal & spiritual development is a powerful commitment to your own worth.

I believe YOUR personal wellbeing matters MOST. Is there anything you believe is more valuable than your health & happiness? Maybe you don't know exactly what to expect or how I can help, but I am ready & waiting to help guide you forward on your soul path. For now, let's determine if either of my coaching programs is a good fit for you.

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For twelve years I have struggled with my place in the world & mental health. Even those who are close to me do not understand the truth of what my soul has to offer. Luna has provided a straightforward, compassionate, & inspiring approach to life & spirituality that has greatly improved my mindset in but a few short sessions. She is a beautiful soul that has nothing but the best to provide. <3

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