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1 session

This one hour reading shares many visuals through presentation format including your full birth chart and default aura flow.


It is designed to help you deepen your understanding of self and illuminate your soul's purpose. Major life themes and stories are presented to help you identify the gifts and challenges along your life path, necessary to fulfilling your purpose.

Theme: Self-Empowerment



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2 months (6 sessions)

This two month coaching program is designed to help you integrate the soul into all aspects of life to cultivate health & wealth ~ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Health is happiness!


There is magic in honoring your unique intuitive, creative, and physical styles. Expect to develop your own intuitive & creative gifts and shift into an abundance mindset.

Theme: Health & Happiness



Solar Eclipse

5 months (12 sessions)

This five month coaching program is designed specifically for awakening LightWorkers. As a LightWorker, you are here to uplift, awaken, and empower those around you. You are not here to find light in dark spaces ~ you are here to create light in dark spaces!

This coaching program will help you to step into your full power and serve at your highest potential.

Theme: Freedom



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