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Spiritual Healing

One-on-One Coaching with Luna

2 Month Spiritual Healing Program (6 Sessions)


By the end of this program you will...

✧ Have clarity on who you are & what your purpose truly is.

✧ Replace negative self-talk with positive mindsets & empowered beliefs.

✧ Shift into an abundance mindset.

✧ Learn how to more easily connect to guidance, keeping you moving forward.

✧ Learn to trust your own intuition.

✧ Develop a self-care practice that is perfect for you.

✧ Make measurable progress toward your specific goals.

✧ Align the soul with all aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual.

✧ Build self reliability ~ great freedom comes from discipline.

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This program includes...

✧ 6 sessions ~ each is a ninety minute video session on Zoom.

✧ Worksheets & personalized assignments between sessions.

✧ A personalized energy healing plan to support your journey.

✧ Astrology & oracle guidance to help guide your journey.

✧ Email or text support between sessions.

✧ Recordings of all 6 sessions.

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Health is Happiness

If what you’d like to be is happy, you must realize that happiness is not an emotion. All emotions are temporary; so if happiness were an emotion, you could never be it.


Healthy you can be; all you have to do is heal. Which is exactly what this program focuses on.


How is your:

~ Physical health?

~ Emotional health?

~ Mental health?

~ Spiritual health?

In this program, we will consciously cultivate health & wealth, so you can get back to enjoying the richness that your life has to offer.