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Spiritual Healing

One-on-One Coaching with Luna

2 Month Spiritual Healing Program (6 Sessions)



✧ Have clarity on who you are and what your purpose truly is.

✧ Replace negative self-talk with positive mindsets & empowered beliefs.

✧ Shift into an abundance mindset.

✧ Learn how to more easily connect to guidance, keeping you moving forward.

✧ Learn to trust your own intuition.

✧ Learn the art of manifesting miracles.

✧ Develop a self-care practice that is perfect for you.

✧ Make measurable progress toward your specific goals.

✧ Align the soul with all aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual.

✧ Build self reliability ~ great freedom comes from discipline.

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✧ 6 sessions ~ each is a ninety minute video session on Zoom.

✧ Worksheets and personalized assignments between each session.

✧ Astrology & oracle guidance to help guide your journey.

A personalized energy healing plan to support your journey.

✧ Support between sessions via email and/or text.

✧ Recordings for all 6 sessions.

Each session will help you successfully experience and maintain progress through the program and beyond!

Let's Meet! 

Before our first session, you will complete a client intake form to help assess what is going right in your life now and what could use some improvement. We will not focus on superficial aspects of life in this program, but rather on integrating the soul into every aspect of your life!


For now, let's get connected.