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Are you exhausted of trying to prove your worth?

Experience a
Self Worth Revival

A transformative spiritual healing journey up the lower three Chakras

in the root

in the sacral

JOY in the solar plexus

This program is for you if:

✧ You struggle to feel safe & secure in your body.

Your insecurities are rooted in relational trauma &/or insecure childhood attachments.

✧ You are uncomfortable with having personal needs or making them a priority.

✧ You put everybody else ahead of yourself.

✧ You are exhausted & weighed down by "being useful" & meeting other people's expectations.

✧ You try to "earn your worth" through what you do for others & external validation.

✧ You are a spiritual woman interested in the Chakras & Goddess spirituality.

✧ You are ready & committed to healing your own self.

How it works:

1) Strengthen your root Chakra with supportive energies, practices, & self-reliability.


2) When your foundation is more supported, look at the sources of insecurity in your root Chakra.


3) Feel your emotions to:

  • Release energy blocks

  • Identify desires

  • Experience pleasure

4) The ego is an energetic knot in the solar plexus Chakra manifesting as a false-self. Starve your ego by getting out of the mind & into the body then use the mind toward the eager pursuit of your desires.


5) After transcending the ego, what's left is true self confidence ~ bringing you peace & freedom.

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This program includes:

✧ A go at your own pace online coaching program with lifetime access.

Homework between sessions including worksheets, rituals, & embodiment practices.

✧ Weekly support pods with a small group of other spiritual women providing accountability & connection in moving through the program.

✧ Ten weeks of one on one coaching support from me.

✧ Access to our private community including Moon Circles on every new & full Moon.

Energy healing plans including scents, crystals, frequencies, affirmations, foods, & practices.

✧ A grounded & structured path to healing at the root.

What program alumni are saying:

Luna’s Self Worth Revival has been life changing for me. I have struggled with self worth, negative self talk, depression, poor body image, & basically have apologized to everyone for taking up any space & being a bother most of the past 20 years. I feel like a different woman at the end of his program. I feel love & compassion for myself, I see beauty in my body & talk kindly to it, I feel more gratitude for all the experiences I have been through & see lessons & future possibilities. I feel like I see a Goddess, that there is radiant beauty in me. I feel a feminine softness & power. I thought it was possible to have growth & improve my self worth but to see myself as a Goddess didn’t seem likely & I am amazed to not only see it, but to be embracing it. I am so grateful for the chance to learn from Luna & to have daily practices in place & tools to support where I am at now & continue to heal moving forward.

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