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"After struggling profoundly with my identity on a psychological level my entire life, I have found footing and come to understand whom I am. This alone is life-changing. My perspective is more well-balanced between philosophical and practical than it has ever been. My spiritual connection keeps me afloat as I learn to stick up for myself and as I repair my relationships. I have learned to use my voice.Thank you for changing my life, Luna."

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"These Sacred Sister Circles have become a space where I feel held and accepted with love and support from everyone who attends. Being able to heal within community has allowed my heart to receive and give more love than I imagined. After Circles, I feel so aligned and grounded, thank you Luna️."

"My reading with Luna left me speechless. She explained things to me that I have been wondering about since a very young age & made sense of so many things that I could never put words to! She helped me to see myself in a higher, more compassionate perspective. It was a very healing yet simultaneously empowering and energizing experience! Not only was it insightful, but she took the time to really help me to understand astrology as a whole. What makes Lunas readings special is the loving energy she brings and the way she weaves the chakras and tangible actions to evolve into her readings. I can’t recommend her readings enough! Thank you Luna!"


"I absolutely love working with Luna! And will more than likely see her in the future. I decided to do a reading for some peace of mind and to give me some insights and Luna delivered! I didn’t know what to anticipate from this reading but Luna went above and beyond."

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