Welcome Sisters, we are a group of women that gather in circle with the phases of the Moon. Through ritual & ceremony, we shift from the mundane to the magical, co-creating something beautiful. If you are yearning for connection, sisterhood, & a place where your authentic self is always celebrated, then this gathering is the place to be.

Full Moon Sacred Sisters Circle
Dec 17, 7:00 PM EST
SoulShine Power Yoga - Downtown
Gathering in ritual & ceremony for the Full Cold Moon, we will be calling in abundance, wealth, luxury, & pleasure. 💰🌹🌝 In this circle, we will be exploring abundance through the lens of Artha ~ a Sanskrit word for physical wealth. Join us in opening to receive more money & relaxation/pleasure.

New & Full Moon Gatherings

We gather for Sacred Sisters Circle on each New & Full Moon, occurring approximately every two weeks. Each circle is two hours & includes opening & closing ceremonies, movement, meditation, & group sharing.

At the center of each circle is a beautiful mandala made out of nature & intention which we ceremoniously create together as an alter to open & center each circle.
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These circles have been so healing for me. I have a hard time connecting with my authentic self & connecting with others. In the circle, I feel a level of depth & understanding that I have not been able to find elsewhere. I’m so grateful for the circle & I look forward to each one!

These Sacred Sister Circles have become a space where I feel held & accepted with love & support from everyone who attends. Being able to heal within community has allowed my heart to receive & give more love than I imagined. After Circles, I feel so aligned & grounded, thank you Luna️.

I usually struggle in a group setting, but the way Luna conducts things & her loving joyful & healing energy made me feel comfortable & at home in an incredible way. It's an awesome experience of connection & unity that is hard to describe in words & I strongly recommend it to everyone!

Full Moon Sacred Sisters Circle
Dec 17, 7:00 PM EST
SoulShine Power Yoga - Downtown

Come experience the magick that happens when women gather in circle & ritual with the phases of the moon.

The divine feminine is rising; let us rise together!

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