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Coaching Reviews

"For twelve years I have struggled with my place in the world and mental health. Even those who are close to me do not understand the truth of what my soul has to offer. Luna has provided a straightforward, compassionate, and inspiring approach to life and spirituality that has greatly improved my mindset in but a few short sessions. She is a beautiful soul that has nothing but the best to provide. <3"


"Luna, your program was life-changing. After struggling profoundly with my identity on a psychological level my entire life, I have found footing and come to understand whom I am. This alone is life-changing.

My perspective is more well-balanced between philosophical and practical than it has ever been. My spiritual connection keeps me afloat as I learn to stick up for myself and as I repair my relationships. Through your program, Luna, I have gained the spiritual confidence to set boundaries and as a result, I have repaired my relationship with my father completely after not speaking for over a year.

I have removed myself from a toxic workplace and found a healthy one. I have set boundaries which have caused more safety in my domestic environment. I have learned to use my voice. I have gained the spiritual clout to change my life in the ways I need to.

Thank you for changing my life, Luna."


"Working with Luna on this program requires you to really give your life some thought, where you came from, where you are going, and what's really important to you. There isn't any room for being wishy-washy! Do you want to make things better? Then you have to be honest and do the work. Luna is the ultimate accountability partner!"


"For me this program was life changing, not just me but also my family. As I grew, my family also picked up upon healing rituals that really put us on a healing path. Luna’s guidance, love and knowledge helped me in so many ways! She is a true healer!"


"Luna's wealth of knowledge and sensitive yet confident and clear delivery are perfect for those looking to explore any area of self-improvement. The diversity of tools and practices in this program made it accessible and customizable for my life and current needs."


"I have already reached out to various women who I think would also benefit from Luna’s Self-Worth Revival course for a positive and effective outcome to elevate their own personal life journey."


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