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Meet Luna

Luna is a trauma informed spiritual life coach & founder of The Chakra Oracle, LLC. She first launched her Self Worth Revival program in 2021 & today it is a best in class online coaching program for women who've experienced relational trauma & insecure attachments to rebuild self-worth & self-love from the ground up. 


Luna is a passionate & experienced spiritual life coach with an additional 60 hours in integrative somatic trauma therapy training. She has hosted Sacred Sister Circles on every new & full Moon for the past 3+ years, where she has witnessed the profound healing that comes within & without from women having a safe space to embody & express their most authentic self. Today these circles are only accessible to coaching clients within the Self Worth Revival community.

Luna is proud to have a 100% satisfaction & recommendation rate!
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I help spiritual women who've experienced relational trauma or insecure attachments who struggle with self-worth & self-esteem go from feeling unsafe & seeking external validation to re-building a solid foundation of self-security, so they feel safe & empowered to detach their worth from what they do for others & move forward from a place of safety, peace, & true self-confidence. 💞

On an energetic level ~ this means strengthening the root & sacral chakras, while calming an overactive solar plexus chakra. This has been my exact healing path & I'm soul grateful to share it with you.

So let's rewind seven years ago to a critical moment on my spiritual journey when it felt like God spoke directly to me. The message was clear 🔊 The Chakra Oracle ~ spend a full year focusing on each of the 7 chakras. 🌈

Immediately upon receiving this divine message (which later became my business name), I started focusing on the solar plexus chakra. 💛☀️🔥 The irony of this is that my solar plexus chakra was already overactive (it's where the ego lives) & as a collective, our solar plexus chakra is seriously overactive. We live in a do do doing society.

At the end of that year, my world came to a crashing halt when my brother unexpectedly passed away from an overdose. 😭 I was heart broken.

This loss resurfaced ALL of the trauma that I was so desperately running from. 🖤 My brother had turned to opioid drugs at a young age to numb the pain of frequent physical abuse from our alcoholic father (who had passed away earlier that year from liver failure). This abuse wasn't the only trauma coloring my childhood ~ my sister was also hit by a car when we were young girls & is still recovering from a traumatic brain injury today. My Mom was in over her head & was focused on just trying to keep my sister & brother alive.


There was not space for me in this family dynamic. The only way I could "fit in" was to be “good” & “useful”. I did not feel safe. My needs were not considered or consistently met & I deeply embodied the belief that my needs are not worthy of being met.  

At the start of 2019, I was ready to restart this chakra journey at the root chakra & work my way up in ascending order from there. Reconnecting to my root chakra ♥️🌍🌲 profoundly & irreversibly changed my life.


For a lifetime I had been operating from a root foundation of insecurity & this was my first time rebuilding that foundation. I consciously committed to creating self-security. I slowed down & reconnected to my body. I discovered that I was living with CPTSD & what my coping mechanisms were. I discovered what my needs are & I committed to showing up for myself.


The next year, I journeyed up to the sacral chakra 🧡🌙🌊 & it was nearly as profound. This was my first time learning about sacred sexuality, accurate female sexual anatomy, the divine feminine, or what it means to be a powerful woman. 🤯 The sacral chakra (our seat of self) can only express itself as much as the safety created by the root chakra. This was my home-coming for authentic self-expression after eight years of self-abandonment.

Alas I returned to the solar plexus chakra in 2021, but the energetic vibration & essence of this energy center was completely different from the first time around. It felt so much lighter & freer! Whereas my responsibilities were once a burden, they had transformed into joyful opportunities. Whereas boundaries were once a foreign concept, they had transformed into something I am worthy of. My willpower had redirected from earning my worth to living my truth. 🌟


I did not choose a path in spiritual healing; it chose me!

Trust the Universe. ~ You were lovingly guided here. ~

Blessings All~Ways,

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