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Meet Luna

Luna Brooke is a professional astrologer & certified spiritual life coach. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers & holds a bachelor of science from RPI with dual majors in Design, Innovation, & Society plus Mechanical Engineering.


Luna hosts Sacred Sister Circles in Burlington, Vermont on each new & full moon. She also offers astrology readings, tarot readings, & spiritual life coaching programs online ~ with a 100% satisfaction & recommendation rate!


My soul purpose is to elevate the vibration of human consciousness and empower the divine feminine.


Since childhood, guardian angels have looked after and protected me. These angels and other spirit guides have helped me to face and transform the darkest, most painful experiences into crystallized lessons on unconditional love.

When I was eleven years old, my sister was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury. As I helped her to perform everyday tasks like cutting food and turning on lights ~ this served my first life lesson on Gratitude.


Meanwhile my father was an abusive alcoholic. As my brother endured many beatings, he turned to opioid drugs to escape the pain. This addiction led him down a dark road of lying, stealing, & manipulating. As I continued to see his soul as that same innocent boy before any black eyes or unobtainable highs ~ this served my second life lesson on Compassion.

In 2018, I lost both my father and brother to their own addictions. As I navigated heartbreak, anger, and grief... angels gathered to lead me down a path of acceptance and healing - this served my third life lesson on Forgiveness.

I did not choose to pursue a path in spiritual healing, it chose me! By claiming power over my own life story, I have been able to shift from a victimhood to empowerment mindset. Utilizing inner gifts of unconditional love and spiritual guidance, I am able to help individuals do the same, to re-claim their personal power and make quantum leaps toward living a spiritually fulfilling and authentic life.

Trust the Universe. ~ You were lovingly guided here. ~

Blessings All~Ways,

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