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Astrology Reading

You are a reflection of the entire cosmos at the moment of your birth.

As Above, So Below.

90 Minute Video Session on Zoom

Part One: Default Energy Flow
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Your default energy flow reveals:


Your most & least active chakras.

Your elemental constitution & personality.

Your higher potential & density.

Your sphere of influence.

Your worldview & personality.

Part Two: Birth Chart
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Your birth chart reveals:


The unfolding of your life path.

Major life themes & stories.

✧ Lines of communication between the different parts of yourself.

Wells of natural talent & karmic lessons.

Each life lesson is necessary for the evolution of your soul's growth and SEEing 𓁿 the benevolence of your life path in its totality is an enlightening step when shifting from a victimhood to empowerment mindset.

Part Three: Focal Planets
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Focal planets reveal how you can best focus your energy to:

Relieve tension from internal conflicts.

Square up to major life challenges.

✧ Develop natural gifts to their full potential.

Move forward on your soul path RIGHT NOW.

No matter what challenge or uncertainty you are facing, the Universe is all~ways conspiring in your favor & supporting you!

The astro-oracle reading with Luna for me has been the very first place where I could be deeply understood as well as deeply understand myself and my path without biases. It's been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. I think that Luna has a special way to help people see the truth of their soul, and to help them get the best out of what could be uncomfortable. Also Luna's counsels and messages even prior to this reading have proved to be precise and of huge benefit.
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Discover, Love, and Trust the YOUniverse within.

Do you have a question that your heart needs an answer to?

This reading is for you.

Do you need a clear perspective to make sure you are doing the right thing?

This reading is for you. 

Before our session, you will submit a client intake form where you can share any areas of life that you would like to see some improvement or any dilemmas you are currently facing.

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Intuitive Tarot Reading

Answer any question

with a ten card tarot reading


30 Minute Video Session on Zoom

My sessions with you are always spot on and incredibly helpful! Your intuition is very sharp, you are kind, generous with the time and energy you put into supporting me, and you are a pleasure to work with! 💕
I absolutely love working with Luna! And will more than likely see her in the future. I decided to do a reading for some peace of mind and to give me some insights and Luna delivered! I didn’t know what to anticipate from this reading but Luna went above and beyond.
I think Luna is Amazing! She understood exactly what I needed to know and interpreted and communicated the message from the cards so poignantly. I felt like I was in trusted, caring hands. Plus her entire online presentation and functionality with scheduling and payment is so easy compared to any I’ve seen in other businesses. I’m so happy to know her❣️