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11/11 Enrollment Portal

A very special offer for new spiritual life coaching clients who enroll between 11/1 & 11/11.

Elevate & Awaken to your higher self & lead an authentic life
with one-on-one coaching.

My coaching programs blend together astrology, chakra balancing, & positive psychology to help you build a foundation of self-love & reliability that allows for a life of great freedom on your soul path. 

As your coach, I will help you to remember your soul's purpose & eagerly claim your joy in this life. I will help you to identify limiting beliefs & replace them with new, empowered beliefs. Most importantly, I will help you to
notice the divine in daily life to transform ordinary reality into something truly extraordinary.

Enroll in any coaching program before 11/11 & you will receive these special gifts as an added bonus!


An Akashic Record reading offers an opportunity to connect with your spirit guides & loved ones through a channeled state of higher consciousness. It has also been described as a “spiritual google”.

Richelle Spears is an Akashic Record reader & founder of Conscious Aging Collective. During her service with the Peace Corps in the Andean mountains, she taught yoga & meditation to older adults in a Peruvian village, where she developed a passion for it. 


I first connected with Richelle over our shared love of hosting women's circles. Her Akashic Record reading was deeply impactful on my life & I am very excited to share her gift with you!

Richelle & I will be co-hosting an 11/11 Cosmic Launch Circle to kick-start this spiritual journey! This circle includes a heart opener, accessing portals to the 5th dimension, & a chance to meet the other incredible souls embarking on this journey at the same time as you. 💫 

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Mala beads are necklaces primarily used as a tool to count mantras during meditation. There are always 108 beads on a mala & 1 guru bead. When reciting mantras, you touch 1 bead per mantra, so when you get to the end of the necklace you know you have recited it 108 times! Different gemstones carry different energies & you will have access to the full shop at Malas & Mandalas.

Laura Neal is the founder of Malas & Mandalas & face behind each beautiful gemstone piece. We co-host Moon circles together in Vermont & I know the amount of love, intention, & spirit that goes into her creations. Laura studied world religions in college with a focus on Buddhism & eastern philosophies, then went on to get her 300 hr yoga teacher training in India & Vermont.

Laura & I will be co-hosting a sacred circle on 1/11 - Malas & Mantras for Mindfulness & Manifestation. This offers an opportunity to work with your new mala beads, learn about the history & power behind malas, & re-connect with your 11/11 tribe after two months of forward movement into your journey.

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When wishes are made,

Seekers find signs,

Souls fly freely into the wordless,

Pulled by stars,

Calling from far away.

1111 is an abundance code with powerful forces of generative action. One's energy is straight & direct, so wherever you choose to focus your energy during this cosmic portal is sure to see forward leaps & bounds in its manifestation. This code sets us up to lay a new foundation of sacred beginnings.

Halloween is our transition to the dark half of the year, when the veil to the spiritual realm is thinnest. Starting 11/1, we are fully cloaked in this darkness. 11/1 - 11/11 is the pre-phase of 11/11's cosmic portal including an invitation to discover doorways into our inner selves.

How you focus your thoughts between 11/1 & 1/11 greatly effects how your reality will manifest
 in the new year ahead. This is why I am offering this special ~ it is truly the best time of year for focusing on spirit, when our senses are sharper & listening keener.

Enrollment Portal Opens


Cosmic Launch Circle


Journey Circle into 2022


Mindfulness & Manifestation Circle

This Special Includes Tickets to 3 Sacred Circles:

  • Malas & Mantras for Mindfulness & Manifestation
    Malas & Mantras for Mindfulness & Manifestation
    Tue, Jan 11
    Jan 11, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    This circle is an invitation to work with your mala beads in sacred ritual & community. Laura will give insight into the history & power behind malas & we will write & recite personalized mantras to help manifest individual new year resolutions or intentions. 📿
  • 11/11 Cosmic Launch Circle
    11/11 Cosmic Launch Circle
    Thu, Nov 11
    Nov 11, 2021, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Let us bravely enter 11/11's portal into a world full of discoveries & dreams. In this circle, Akashic Record Reader, Richelle Spears & I will open with a heart opening practice & energy update. We will then journey inwards to enter cosmic portals to the 5th dimension & access higher guidance.

This special includes up to $320 in added value when you enroll in either of my Spiritual Life Coaching programs.

Let's Chat.

Choosing to invest your time, energy, & money into your own personal & spiritual development is a powerful commitment to your own worth.

I believe YOUR personal wellbeing matters MOST. Is there anything you believe is more valuable than your health & happiness? Maybe you don't know exactly what to expect or how I can help, but I am ready & waiting to help guide you forward on your soul path. For now, let's determine if either of my coaching programs are a good fit for you.

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