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4 Steps to Guide your Karmic Debt through Transformation

Use these exercises to resurface karmic debt in the heart chakra and return to the root chakra in evolved form, creating a healthier self.

Chakra healing

Step 1: Resurface in the Heart Chakra

Allow yourself uninterrupted time to resurface and sit with restricted memories & ancestral patterns during a heart chakra meditation. Support yourself with heart chakra energy.

Color: Green
Frequency: 528 Hz (the love frequency)
Scent: Bergamot
Crystals: Green Aventurine & Bloodstone

Try to use at least two of these supportive energies as you call your karmic debt to mind. Sit with it, examining the ancestral roots from which it comes. By strengthening your heart chakra's energy, you are able to meet memories with compassion, forgiveness, and love. Compassion is your safe guide through painful memories to discover ancestral patterns responsible for the pain you feel.

By looking at large ancestral patterns you can find forgiveness for yourself, your family, and your ancestors.

Focusing your inner-gaze at the third eye-center (where root of nose meets front of skull), observe what memories, feelings, & thoughts your subconscious plays out.

Journal on what memories, feeling, thoughts, & visualizations you experience.

Step 2: Take Responsibility in the Solar Plexus Chakra

Karmic debt is equally a blessing and a curse, determined only by your perception. Choose to receive your blessing and all old "curses" will transform into strength. Allow yourself 15-20 minutes for this visualization exercise to claim your ancestral responsibility.

Lye flat in a comfortable position with one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Close your eyes and begin with ten deep belly breaths to bring your energy to the solar plexus chakra. To do deep belly breathing, breath in slowly through your nose, so that air fills your stomach and pushes your hand up, while your chest remains as still as possible. Air should fill the diaphragm and lungs completely. Exhale through your lips, letting stomach muscles release inward.

After ten full belly breaths, let your breath return to normal and bring your inner-gaze to the third eye-center. Call your karmic debt to the front of your mind. Ask, what is my role in evolving this ancestral pattern?

Listen for an answer from your higher self.

After about ten minutes, visualize yourself walking though a door. You enter a room filled with your ancestors. It is so full that you can't see the back. You stand at the front of the room and in front of all of your ancestors, proclaim,

I am taking responsibility for the ancestral patterns passed down to me. I will heal the karmic debt of these patterns by changing my own patterns. I release all blame from you and accept this responsibility as my own.

Visualize them applauding wildly and thanking you! You walk out of the room feeling empowered.

Now dip your chin, open your eyes, and come to a standing position. With your eyes open, bring your hands to prayer and say aloud,

I forgive myself, my family, & my ancestors. I am a sovereign being and I accept this responsibility to heal as a blessing.

Bow to close.

Step 3: Emotional Release in the Sacral Chakra

Resurfacing repressed memories and taking ownership for negative energies, demands an opportunity for energy release. Emotional release is necessary in order to let go of negative frequencies and shift into positive vibrations. Emotions must be felt before they can be released. Use yin yoga and hip opening poses to create space to feel and express repressed emotions.

Issey Knight, a Vinyasa and Yin yoga instructor, created this yin yoga series to help people release grief. This series is good for other strong emotions as well and can be helpful when allowing repressed emotions to pass through and be felt. Invite the feelings in that came up during your heart chakra meditation in step 1.

Allow yourself 8-10 minutes in each pose. Or if you want more time in a pose, take it!

Step 4: Strength in the Root Chakra

We know it takes pain to build physical strength. You have to sweat, endure sore muscles, and put in the time. These are typical expectations when showing up to the gym. Well, it also takes pain to build mental, emotional, & spiritual strength. You must endure the uncomfortable, confront the undesirable, and put in the time. These are the expectations in steps 1-3 when you show up to "your mat".

By taking responsibility for your role in evolving ancestral patterns and releasing repressed emotions, you restore broken roots to your ancestors in the root chakra. This strengthens your total root system, building a stronger foundation for your energetic body to ascend from.

By moving karmic debt out of the root chakra and into the heart, it is returned to the root chakra transformed as a karmic lesson. Your mindset shifts from a negative, victim mindset to a positive, empowered mindset.

Have patience as you learn to endure the uncomfortable and confront the undesirable in interpersonal and day to day situations. Habitual changes and thought-patterns are not changed overnight.

Astrology Can Help Identify Karmic Debt & Ancestral Patterns

Astrology is a great tool for taking a step back from the melodrama that is life and viewing it from a higher, more understanding point of view. Each individual's birth chart provides a fifth dimensional view of:

✧ Ancestral Patterns

✧ Karmic Lessons

✧ Soul Potential & Purpose

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