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Transforming Karmic Debt into Strength

Your karmic debt is experienced as the memories and ancestral patterns that your consciousness resists from your awareness. Each resistance exposes an opportunity to evolve generations of stored lifetimes and karmic stories.

Karma is a simple principle; the energy you put out is returned to you.

If you give love, you will receive love. If you give hate, you will receive hate. But karma is far more exciting than what goes around, comes around. Every individual has the opportunity to transform one energy into a different vibrational state. It is possible to receive hate and return love.

What is Karmic Debt?

Karmic debt is the sum of all energies with negative frequencies stored within the total karma. As humans we have both an individual karmic debt and a collective karmic debt. Your individual karmic debt is experienced as the memories and ancestral patterns that your consciousness resists from your awareness. Consider the stories you are uncomfortable telling, the words you are uncomfortable hearing, the memories you are uncomfortable remembering. Consider any discomfort you have when simply sitting with your subconscious - this reveals a karmic debt.

As an evolving human, you are the present embodiment of stored lifetimes and karmic stories. You were born into a karmic debt which has been evolving since the beginning of humanity.

Where does my Karmic Debt Come From?

Karmic debt is delivered through family first.

We all come from family. They are our first teachers in how to navigate humanity. As an infant we are delivered into the world completely unable to meet our own needs and dependent on our family & community. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. So, karmic debt is delivered through community second. Family and community (your tribe) are responsible for teaching you how to become independent.

In life, everyone is mainly prioritized with meeting their own needs and desires. That is the nature of being alive; you must meet your basic needs first. During the developmental years, you are a blank canvas learning to meet your needs. You learn how to speak including what is and isn't okay to say. You learn how to use your hands including what is and isn't okay to touch. You learn how to taste including what is and isn't okay to eat. As your family and community teaches you the rules and constraints of being human, you receive your karmic debt from their lifetimes of karmic stories and debris.

While your family and community deliver your karmic debt, we must look back further for the source. Karmic debt is passed down through ancestral patterns for generations. Christians use "original sin", also called ancestral sin, to describe this state of sin humanity has existed in since their creation. Buddhists and Hindus use reincarnation to explain how karmic debt is passed down from the same soul time and time again. Some Buddhists believe you choose your family before you are born based on the lessons you want to receive in this lifetime.

How Can I Transform Karmic Debt Into Something Positive?

Karmic debt is perpetuated through unconscious programs in the mind forming unhealthy habits, routines, and mindsets. Karmic debt only exists in the darkness, as soon as you shine light on it - the energy is transformed. When you take responsibility for a negative energy, it can no longer be spread unconsciously.

Consciousness is healing.

In order to heal karmic debt, it must be raised from the root chakra to a higher vibrational state where it can be properly dealt with.

Imagine your karmic debt as a rotten root in your root chakra system (earth element). It is rotten because it has been nurtured by a parasite, one your tribe has survived for generations. This parasite continues to thrive, stored in the darkness of your roots, deep in the earth. It becomes part of your identity and while you feel the "dis-ease" it causes, you cannot see it. It is too far deep in the darkness.

We must raise karmic debt to the solar-plexus chakra (fire element) to shine light on and transform it. But, resurfacing repressed memories & taking responsibility for self-destructive behaviors is scary. The ego, which exists in the solar plexus chakra, needs to keep karmic debt repressed in order to protect itself and continue as is. The heart chakra however is connected to both self and spirit, where it has no need to protect the ego. So, karmic debt should be resurfaced in the heart chakra.

In the heart chakra you are able to meet memories with compassion, forgiveness, and love. Compassion is your safe guide through painful memories to discover ancestral patterns responsible for the pain you feel. By looking at large ancestral patterns you can find forgiveness for yourself, your family, and your ancestors.

Once "the parasite" is covered in love, your solar-plexus chakra will be ready to accept its energy. By accepting this energy as your own responsibility, your fire completely destroys and transforms the energy. Part of this responsibility is to feel and express repressed emotions in the sacral chakra (water element).

After transforming and watering this once negative energy, you will be left with a positive and healthy energy to return to your roots, making them stronger than ever before. The parasite has been burned, re-planted, and watered!

Affirmation: I am evolving generations of stored lifetimes and karmic debris.

Looking to transform your karmic debt?

Wanting guided exercises to help?

Use these 4 steps...

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