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Great Questions to Facilitate Women Circles

50 open ended questions to facilitate women circles which spark deep conversation and intimate connections.

Have you seen or felt the momentum in an increasing number of Women Circles happening around the world? Women are gathering in Circle again simply because they can and because it is a powerful force when women come together and support one another.

There is a sacred bond between women that is calling to be explored and many women may now face themselves facilitating or desiring to facilitate their own Women Circles (or Moon Circles). In Circle, open ended questions coupled with receptivity to all answers provides a sacred container for creating intimate connections. Here are 50 Great Questions to Facilitate Women Circles!

  1. What desire within you answered the call to circle?

  2. How are you feeling?

  3. Is there anything you are avoiding feeling?

  4. What are a few qualities that you would describe as specifically feminine?

  5. How were you brought up to think about feminine power?

  6. Who is a powerful woman you know and appreciate in your life?

  7. What is a feminist?

  8. What are you grateful for?

  9. What makes you feel like your highest self?

  10. In which areas of life do you feel abundant and where do you feel scarcity or lack?

  11. What brings you pleasure ~ physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually?

  12. What do you love most about your current life and what could use some improvement?

  13. What would you like to invite in more of?

  14. How do you celebrate your accomplishments?

  15. What do you have a hard time receiving?

  16. What boundaries do you still need in order to protect yourself from receiving harmful, hurtful, or otherwise toxic energy?

  17. How do you feel about setting boundaries?

  18. Do you feel like setting boundaries makes you needy, pushy, or a “bitch"?

  19. What are you no longer available for?

  20. What shame are you ready to release and transform in the light of love and acceptance?

  21. What do you “do” and do you like it?

  22. Do you consider yourself a creative or artist? Why or why not?

  23. What creative projects are you currently working on?

  24. Have you ever felt that you were channeling or simply in flow?

  25. Do you feel connected to your own intuition and how do you recieve it?

  26. What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

  27. What was the experience of your first period like?

  28. What is your connection, if any, to your menstruation cycle today?

  29. Is there or has there been any connection between the moon and your menstrual cycle?

  30. How was your experience giving birth or what do you wonder/fear about giving birth?

  31. How have you experienced growth through loss and disappointment?

  32. Is it easy for you to forgive & let go? If not, what do you think is in the way?

  33. When & how did you begin your “spiritual awakening” or if this doesn’t resonate with you, how do you feel connected to yourself as a spiritual being?

  34. When do you experience inner peace and what does it feel like?

  35. What self care rituals do you practice and how do they make you feel?

  36. What moon rituals or other sacred rituals do you practice? When did you begin?

  37. Collectively we have a “witch wound” disconnecting us from gifts of intuition, power, manifestation, and magic. How have you experienced the witch wound in your life?

  38. What is your relationship like to your mother? What wisdom has she imparted on you and how might you be carrying a “mother wound” today?

  39. Do you feel worthy of your own self love and what experiences have challenged or dimmed your feelings of worthiness?

  40. When have you experienced a natural ecstasy in your life? How would you describe it?

  41. How do you feel about dancing and do you feel embodied while dancing?

  42. Reflecting on experiences with your family, friends, and culture, what have you been “taught” about dancing and how has this created any light or shadow around dance?

  43. In what ways do you love to express yourself and in what ways do you not feel comfortable / safe to express yourself? Why not?

  44. What makes you feel passionate and what do you desire most?

  45. How do you feel about your own sexual power and erotic spirituality?

  46. What is your reaction to fierce women and are you comfortable embodying your own fierceness?

  47. How have you been playing small and what are you willing to stand up for and be the protector of?

  48. How have you suppressed your own power, radiance, or truth and how can you be more bold?

  49. New Moon: What is your intention for the new moon cycle ahead?

  50. Full Moon: What are you releasing that is no longer serving you?

In order to make sure that everyone has a safe and sacred experience, have all women agree to these three agreements.

These three agreements help to create a sacred container for diving deep at women circles.

Learn the Art of Hosting Circles

Hosting circles can be a deeply rewarding & fulfilling part of life. Every circle has a center & as the host, you get to create that center & invite others to contribute to it. If you are feeling the call to lead circle, join my three hour masterclass on the Art of Hosting Circles. This workshop will cover:

  • Creating the Center

  • Opening & Closing Circles

  • Designing Rituals

  • Leadership Roles

  • Marketing

  • Getting Started

The different leadership roles I cover include host, co-host, guardian, & facilitator. Not all of these roles must be filled or filled by different people, but getting more leaders involved can strengthen the safety & stability of your circle.

Join My Upcoming Sacred Sisters Circle:

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