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Tune Into Your Chakras

By working with the chakras, you have the opportunity to connect with the divine universal energy, to come into a state of self actualization to lead a blissful, balanced life.

When a chakra requires balancing, it may be blocked, underactive, or overactive. As we work with the 7 chakras, our goal is to activate and balance each chakra through energy healing work.

If you are not yet familiar with the 7 chakras, please read An Introduction to the Chakras first.

Misbalance occurs in a chakra due to excessive exposure to or the channeling of negative energy within its wavelength interval. Excessive or prolonged amounts of negative energy within a chakra's field can manifest into "dis-ease" in the physical body. By transforming negative energies stored in the physical body to their positive energetic equivalent, we have the ability to heal dis-ease in our personal energy field & body.

Working with a Pendulum

Using a pendulum we can communicate with our subconscious to assess the state of our chakras and determine which require balancing/healing. The subconscious knows which of the chakras require balancing, because it stores all sense memories including what parts of the body have and have not been receiving your breath, awareness, and attention.

Your subconscious similarly stores this information for your emotions, thoughts, & spiritual body.

Download or print the Chakra Assessment to record your answers. You will need to create a password in order to access this PDF resource.

I use a crystal on a long chain for my pendulum. You could also use any necklace with a pendant.

I suggest using a Selenite wand, sage, or reiki energy to cleanse your pendulum before tuning-in, in order to remove any auric debris which could interfere with your energy reading. Alternatively, you may choose to use a Selenite crystal for your pendulum, which naturally cleanses itself.

We will use the pendulum to ask (consciously) and answer (subconsciously) Yes and No questions.

In order for this to work, you must get out of your mind and disconnect from any attachment to desirable outcomes. Your mind and ego can influence the swing of the pendulum if they are at work. Always take at least three deep breaths with your eyes closed before working with your pendulum.

Get started by establishing what Yes and No look like.

Holding the chain in front of your body and centered. Say "show me yes." You can say this both aloud and in your head repeating the command as many times as necessary. Notice which way the pendulum swings.

Is it front to back, side to side, clockwise, counterclockwise, or at a diagonal?

Then repeat this exercise saying "show me no." Again, notice which way the pendulum swings. To verify the directions of your 'yes' and 'no', ask a few questions you know the answer to. For example, "is my name ?" or "am I an only child?"

Once you are comfortable using the pendulum, you can begin to have a basic conversation with your subconscious! Let's use this practice to identify which of your chakras require balancing. Ask the pendulum the following questions for each chakra being mindful not to hold the pendulum in front of the body parts associated with the chakra in question.

1.) Does my chakra require balancing?

2.) Is my chakra blocked?

3.) Is my chakra underactive?

4.) Is my chakra overactive?

5.) Does my chakra require physical healing?

6.) Does my chakra require emotional healing?

7.) Does my chakra require mental healing?

8.) Does my chakra require spiritual healing?

Record your answers on the chakra assessment.

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