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Create an Energy Healing Plan

Energy healing is the ability to heal our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies by nurturing positive energies and releasing negative energies in each chakra's field.

After clarifying your intentions it is time to manifest them.

Change is difficult because there is an abundance of negative energies opposing us all the time. This is the duality of life... positive & negative, yin and yang. We can not change what energies exist in the universe, we can only change our own vibrational response to them.

To support manifesting your intentions and move into a higher, more desirable vibrational state, you can add positive, supportive energies into your environment ~ and even into yourself.

By adding an influx of positive energies, we create an environment with a higher vibrational starting point, making negative energy easier to overcome and transformation easier to take place.

Download or print this Energy Healing Plan to create your own personalized energy healing plan, choosing supportive energies for each of your healing intentions.

Color therapy, sound therapy, crystal balancing, Ayuverda, aromatherapy, mantras, yoga, affirmations, and specific activities can all be used to influence the energies in your auric energy field.

In the tables below, these modalities have been used to identify supportive energies and practices to help balance each of the 7 chakras.

Positive Energies to Support the Chakras

Chakra Balancing Energies Table

Practices to Support Chakra Balancing

Chakra Healing

Use these tables along with your own intuition and experience to complete a personalized energy healing plan.

Working with a spiritual life coach can be extremely valuable in this process, so they can direct you toward the energies which will best support your intentions. Their experience will also help you to avoid unwanted subtle energies in your auric energy field.

For example, when using crystals as a healing modality, citrine is a very powerful crystal to help assert personal strength and willpower for an underactive solar plexus chakra. However, if someone struggles with anxiety citrine would also amplify the desire for control and cause the carrier to be even more agitated. A spiritual healer should know to avoid such a crystal.

A spiritual life coach is also especially helpful if you are navigating stored trauma in the body. Some energies can amplify unhealed traumas and working with these can make the healing process more painful or uncomfortable than necessary.

For example, in color therapy, red is triggering for individuals who experienced childhood abuse or trauma and should be avoided. In this case you would want to visualize or work with the color turquoise, which calms the root chakra whereas red amplifies it.

A spiritual life coach will also help to hold you accountable while you build self-reliability.

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