Healing Foods for the Root Chakra

Learn what foods help will stimulate an underactive root chakra and calm an overactive root chakra. Change the energy (prana) of the food you put in your body to change your life-force energy.

The root chakra is concerned with survival and eating is one of the most basic needs of humans. In order to feel safe and secure, we must first meet our own physiological needs of food, water, warmth, and rest.

We can feel how the body shifts when it is hungry, emotions become less stable and thoughts become less clear; this anger, hanger, is a very real and natural function.

Hanger is the expression of an underactive root chakra. On the other hand, people can easily become overly consumed in the sensory experience of eating. Eating too much causes the body to become heavy and sluggish. This is the expression of an overactive root chakra.

Nuts, Oats, & Seeds

Nuts, oats, and seeds help to balance the root chakra whether it is underactive or overactive. They provide the body with healthy fats, plant protein, fiber, and essential vitamins.

These quick snacks have almost all of the prana (life force energy) that the body needs to balance an underactive root chakra, making them the perfect antidote for hanger. So, if eating falls a little low on your priority list or hanger is an emotion you often resonate with, try keeping some nuts or granola accessible to you throughout the day for snacking.

For an over-active root chakra, nuts, oats, and seeds have a very calming effect as they are more connected to the Earth and less connected to the world of senses.

Calming an Overactive Root Chakra

The first energy block, or psychic hurdle, one must overcome in order to hear the many beautiful truths the subconscious is waiting to reveal in higher chakras, is called 'Brahma's Knot'. Brahma's Knot is located in Muladhara (the root chakra) and is associated with being trapped in the world of senses. Brahma is part of the Hindu trimuti, the three gods responsible for the creation, upkeep, & destruction of the world. As creator of the sensory world, he is associated with sensory indulgence like sexuality, physicality, and a restless focus on earthly attachments.

Withdrawing from the world of senses and redirecting attention inwards helps in re-focusing the mind and breaking up this knot. Fasting is a great detox to begin with. Try cutting back on or eliminating caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and strong flavors like garlic & onions from your diet as these are short sighted sensory indulgences feeding Brahma's Knot.

Avoid Allium Vegetables: Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Scallions, & Chives

Did you know that Buddhist Monks will not eat these five pungent vegetables from the allium family?

♦️Onions ♦️Garlic ♦️Leeks ♦️Green Onions ♦️Chives

These vegetables are avoided because they block the spiritual antenna. Their flavors and smells are simply so strong that they draw a good amount of attention to the first chakra.

Avoid Stimulants: Coffee, Maté, Chocolate, Wine, Beer, & Soda

By withdrawing from the world of senses, we create space for new types of energy - ascending into higher chakras. So as you change your diet, focus not on what you are giving up, but on what you are seeking. Invite in more clarity regarding your life's purpose and energy to carry it out.

Stimulating an Underactive Root Chakra

Red Fruits

Red is the color of many things. It is the color of the root chakra for one and the color of attraction for another.

While the link between the color red and attraction is not fully understood, studies have shown that the color red enhances both a man's and woman's attractiveness to the other gender. Humans share this subconscious predisposition with many species in the animal kingdom. In our primate family, female baboons and chimpanzees, will display redness on their chest and genitals to make their ovulation known publicly. Among many species, the dominant male displays bright red colors to signify fertility and sexuality.

It is helpful for someone with an underactive root chakra to keep red fruits in their home as it draws attention to a place where attention does not naturally flow... food.

With so many amazing red fruits available, I can not list them all, but here are some.

♦️Strawberries ♦️Apples ♦️Raspberries ♦️Red Cherries ♦️Red Grapes ♦️Pomegranates ♦️Bell Peppers ♦️Cherry Bomb Peppers ♦️Tomatoes

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