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Chakra Balancing with Positive Affirmations

Every change starts with intention. It is time to clarify your intentions and create positive, powerful affirmations which support you in manifesting miracles!

Download or print the Chakra Reference Packet to get started creating your own personalized affirmations. You will need to create a password in order to access this PDF resource if you haven't already created one.

Following the prompts within this packet, you will be guided to clarify how each chakra misbalance is currently manifesting in your life. By identifying what underactive and overactive characteristics exist within your self, you are able to get clear on what positive characteristics will help to balance and heal that chakra.

When doing chakra balancing work it is important to start at the lowest chakra which requires balancing. If you haven't already tuned into your chakras, please complete a Chakra Assessment to continue.


Sarah just finished tuning into her chakras and the lowest chakra that requires balancing is her Solar Plexus chakra. The pendulum also revealed this chakra to be overactive. Using the Chakra Reference Packet, Sarah resonates with feeling frequently frustrated, taking on too much, and chronic fatigue syndrome. She identifies going with the flow and taking time for self-care to be the best practices to help relieve this dis-ease and creates two positive affirmations:

✧ My mindset is flexible and fluid.

✧ I am committed to a daily self-care ritual.

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